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Crestar Halo Air Purifier - Crestar Fan Singapore

Crestar Halo Air Purifier

- Removes Formaldehyde
- Kills Viruses and Bacteria
- Purifies over 62m²

S$ 599.00S$ 499.00
Breathe Pure, Live Fresh Inhale the breath of pure air and ride the wave to a world of freshness with the smart Crestar Air Purifier. Activate in advance to sterilise...
Crestar Hydro Hydrogen Water Bottle - Crestar Fan Singapore

Crestar Hydro Hydrogen Water Bottle


- Generate Antioxidant in Water
- Provides Recovery & Healthier Diet Effortlessly
- Relieve Hangovers, Alcohol Sickness

S$ 399.00S$ 199.00
Crestar Hydro Hydrogen Water Bottle: Drink Smarter, Live Stronger Illuminate your everyday with our Hydrogen Water Bottle, poised to energise every moment of your life. Every wondered if your water could...