Debunking 5 Common Myths About Crestar Ceiling Fans: A Homeowner's Guide

  • Feb 22
Crestar Fan Singapore Airis+ Modern Contemporary Designer

Are you hesitant about investing in a ceiling fan for your home due to common myths and misconceptions? Let's set the record straight and debunk these myths once and for all. As a trusted provider of quality ceiling fans, Crestar is here to address six common misconceptions and provide clarity:

  1. More Blades Mean Better Performance Reality? Contrary to popular belief, the number of blades doesn't determine a ceiling fan's effectiveness. In fact, fewer blades can lead to higher efficiency. Crestar Ceiling Fans with fewer blades experience less drag on the motor, allowing them to spin faster and generate sufficient airflow.

  2. Higher Remote Speed Equals Better Airflow Reality? When selecting a ceiling fan, focus on the CFM (cubic feet per minute) measurement rather than just the speed settings on the remote. CFM measures the fan's air-moving capacity relative to its energy consumption. Crestar Ceiling Fans are designed with high CFM ratings per watt, ensuring efficient airflow throughout your space, and not forgetting to mention, energy efficient too!

  3. Ceiling Fans Are Unsafe? Safety concerns often deter homeowners from installing ceiling fans. However, properly installed and certified ceiling fans, like those from Crestar, are safe and reliable. Our fans undergo rigorous testing and comply with safety standards, including the Singapore Safety Mark certification. Trust our experienced technicians for installation to ensure peace of mind.

  4. Bigger Fans Are Always Better? While larger fan blades can cover a wider area, selecting the right fan size is crucial for optimal airflow. Consider factors such as room size and layout when choosing a ceiling fan. Crestar offers a variety of fan sizes to suit different spaces, ensuring effective air circulation without overwhelming the room.

  5. Ceiling Fans Are Noisy and Disruptive? Modern ceiling fans, especially those from Crestar, are designed with advanced technology to operate quietly and efficiently. With features like silent motor technology and balanced blades, our fans provide gentle airflow without disturbing your peace and quiet.

Ready to embrace the benefits of Crestar Ceiling Fans? Say goodbye to misconceptions and enjoy efficient cooling and ventilation in your home. If you need assistance selecting the perfect fan size for your space, our team is here to help. Contact us today for expert guidance and elevate your home comfort with Crestar Ceiling Fans.

If you would like to see some examples of how our products may fit your home, book an appointment with us, and come to our showroom or at 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #04-18, T-Space, S528559. In the meantime, do check our Instagram page too!



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