Transforming Comfort and Efficiency: Exploring Crestar's Airis+ and Altis+ Smart Fans in Singapore

Transforming Comfort and Efficiency: Exploring Crestar's Airis+ and Altis+ Smart Fans in Singapore

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In the dynamic climate of Singapore, staying cool while conserving energy is a perpetual challenge. Crestar Fans has embraced this challenge head-on by introducing– Airis+ and Altis+ smart fan models. This article delves into the remarkable features that set these smart fans apart, including voice-controlled compatibility, versatile lighting options, and an array of advanced functions designed to optimize your comfort and convenience.

Voice-Controlled Mastery

Elevating your indoor climate has never been simpler, thanks to Crestar's Airis+ and Altis+ smart fans. These cutting-edge models are engineered for compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, enabling seamless operation through voice commands. Imagine commanding your fan to adjust its speed or turn on or off without lifting a finger. It's a fusion of convenience and luxury, right in the heart of your living space.

Unparalleled Speed Control

With the Airis+ and Altis+ models, Crestar puts speed and control at your fingertips. Equipped with a 6-speed remote, these fans offer an adaptable range of airflow options. Whether you desire a gentle breeze for relaxation or a powerful gust for combating humidity, you have total command over your comfort. Moreover, these fans are accessible through the Smart Life and Tuya apps, empowering you to fine-tune settings remotely and ensuring your living space remains an oasis of comfort no matter where you are.

Lighting Customization: Tri-Colour Dimmable LED

Crafting the ideal ambiance in any space hinges on effective lighting. Crestar's smart fans transcend the ordinary with their Tri-Colour Dimmable LED feature. This innovative addition enables you to choose between warm, day, and cool light settings, allowing you to tailor your illumination to different moods and occasions. Furthermore, these LED lights are dimmable across nine levels, granting you precise control over the brightness of your space.

Holistic Features for Ultimate Comfort

The sophistication of these smart fans extends beyond basic functionality, boasting an array of advanced features that prioritize your comfort and energy efficiency. The reverse function proves invaluable during colder seasons by evenly distributing warm air, while the timer feature adapts the fan's operation to your schedule. The natural breeze mode emulates the gentle ebb and flow of outdoor breezes, bringing the soothing outdoors right into your home.

Where to get the best Ceiling Fan

The number 1 mistake most ceiling fan buyers make is not going down to take a look and understand the product they are buying better. This is why we always recommend our potential buyers to come down to our showroom to have a look at our various kinds of products to know more and understand the product. 

So do book an appointment with us and come to our showroom or at 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #04-14, T-Space, S528559. And if you would like to see some examples of how our product may fit your home. Do check our Ins­­­­­­­­tagram page to have a look at how our product may fit nicely into your home.



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